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          We at Albatross Aviary's Education and Counseling Program are dedicated to promoting responsible bird ownership and reducing the need for bird surrenders. Our primary goal is to address the crisis of unwanted companion birds and assist bird owners in addressing problem behaviors such as aggression, plucking, and anti-social tendencies, ultimately enabling them to keep their beloved feathered companions in their homes. Through our expertise in avian behavior and child development techniques, we offer comprehensive counseling services to guide owners in understanding and effectively communicating with their birds.

 Our program goes beyond reactive problem-solving; we also strive to equip prospective bird owners with the necessary knowledge and tools to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for their avian companions. We offer educational workshops and resources that cover topics such as avian care, behavior management, and environmental enrichment. By emphasizing communication and understanding, we empower bird owners to build strong bonds with their birds and navigate the challenges of avian companionship successfully.

We firmly believe that surrender should be the last resort. With our education and counseling program, we are committed to providing ongoing support and assistance to bird owners, helping them overcome obstacles and strengthen the human-bird relationship.


The Bird Behavior Solutions Program

We here at Albatross Aviary, understand that owning a bird comes with its unique challenges, and finding support may be difficult. that's why we're here to help. Albatross aviary is now offering personalized counseling and behavior solutions to address behavioral issues such as aggression, plucking, and anti-social behaviors, all aimed at keeping your feathered friend, happy, healthy and in their loving home. 



The Bird Caretaker  Training Program

This transformative course empowers you to create secure and enriched habitats, decipher bird behavior, employ positive reinforcement training, and master the art of socialization. From nurturing trust and bonds to providing species-specific enrichment, our course ensures that you become an adept caregiver, equipped to rehabilitate and enhance the lives of tropical birds under your care. Dive into a world of expertise, compassion, and skill, and make a difference in the lives of these magnificent feathered companions."


The Field Drawing Ornithology Classes

Bird Drawing and Identification 

Learn how to spot birds and document your adventures along the way with basic sketching techniques. Gairen, will teach the fundamentals of sketching from life through the practiced observation of bird watching. Get tips on how to look for and identify birds and translate what you see onto paper. Start a field sketchbook of your very own. 

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