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        Albatross Aviary is a unique avian rescue and sanctuary dedicated to providing permanent care, shelter, and rehabilitation for companion parrots and other exotic birds when rehoming options are scarce. Our refuge particularly focuses on exotic companion birds like parrots, including parakeets, cockatoos, macaws, and other Psittacine species. However, we warmly accept all types of companion or exotic birds and other captive avian species.

      Our organization serves as a lifeline for birds facing both physical and mental health issues. Many of the birds under our care are lacking vital social skills or endured physical and emotional abuse, leading to challenging and undesirable behaviors. Albatross Aviary becomes their saving grace, standing between life and death for these beautiful and endangered companion birds.

      Remaining true to the guiding principles of a sanctuary, Albatross Aviary refrains from breeding, selling, or trading birds. Once a bird finds refuge within our doors, they are guaranteed a lifetime of unwavering compassion and care. Each individual bird is thoroughly assessed to ensure they receive the optimum care they deserve. This includes a nutritious diet, comprehensive medical attention, ample opportunities for flight, and enriching socialization in natural themed aviary environments.

         At Albatross Aviary, our top priority is the long-term care, well-being, and safety of the birds entrusted to us. We understand the intricate needs and challenges faced by both the birds and their guardians. In recognition of this, we extend our support beyond the birds themselves. We offer counseling opportunities for bird guardians dealing with troubled birds and behavior problems. Gairen can provide insights, strategies, and resources to help bird guardians understand and address their bird's behavioral issues, fostering a harmonious bond between them and their feathered companions.


      In addition to our rescue and rehabilitation efforts, Albatross Aviary is driven by a broader mission to transform public perception of avian emotional intelligence and highlight the essential roles birds play in our lives. As an educational center, we offer guided tours, counseling, and educational programs to raise awareness about responsible bird ownership and advocate for a higher standard of care and understanding for both captive and wild birds.


     Join us at Albatross Aviary as we continue our noble mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and supporting companion birds. Together, let us make a profound impact on the lives of these extraordinary feathered beings, while providing invaluable assistance and guidance to their dedicated guardians.

 The crisis of unwanted exotic companion birds is a harsh reality that cannot be ignored. Parrots, the third most popular companion animal in the US, are unfortunately the most frequently abandoned. This fact becomes even more tragic when considering the remarkable level of self-awareness that parrots and other exotic birds possess. The trauma they experience when abused or neglected is especially devastating to these highly intelligent creatures. At Albatross Aviary, we firmly believe that parrots and other exotic animals should have never been captured and domesticated as household pets in the first place. However, we also recognize the urgent need to address the crisis at hand.

       Commercial breeders often prioritize turning a profit on new "inventory," while potential parrot guardians are frequently ill-prepared for the realities of life with these birds. Parrots' wild nature, natural inclinations for vocalizations, aggression, flying, mating, and destruction can overwhelm most guardians. Furthermore, standard pet industry practices such as hand-rearing (which involves parental deprivation) actually hinder a parrot's ability to mature into a healthy, well-adjusted adult bird and increase the likelihood of failure as a "pet" in adapting to their environment. When combined with their long lifespans and the staggering estimate of 3-5 million baby birds bred in the US each year, the result is a true crisis of unwanted parrots.


 In the face of this growing problem, exacerbated by the constant ecological threats that drive many bird species to extinction, Albatross Aviary stands as a custodian, dedicated to addressing this specific issue. We firmly believe that armed with proper education and community support, along with a new understanding of parrot behavior, we can halt the re-homing and homelessness problem and ensure a quality of life worth living for these magnificent creatures. When parrots have all their needs met and live in a loving environment, the undesirable behaviors that often lead to abandonment cease to exist. That is precisely our mission.

        At Albatross Aviary, we provide a sanctuary and rescue organization where parrots find love, care, and a second chance at life. Our focus is not only on the immediate welfare of these birds but also on empowering their future guardians through education and support. By spreading awareness about responsible parrot ownership, highlighting the specific needs and challenges involved, and fostering a community that embraces empathy and compassion for these animals, we aim to bring about positive change.

Join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of companion birds. Your support, whether through volunteering or donating, can help us provide the care, rehabilitation, and advocacy needed to address the crisis of unwanted parrots. Together, let us create a world where these extraordinary creatures are valued and protected, and where their well-being is prioritized above all else.

For more information on the ecological crisis that all birds face 

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With birds being an important part of the decomposition chain,  they naturally have instincts to destroy and shred apart their surroundings and spread it about. this combined with their individual and and strong willed personalities can be a real problem in a home that isn't prepared to handle their behavior.


Free flight aviary and enrichment garden 

        The aviary is built around the idea that birds should be in the wild but some just don't have that option. We strive to create a natural social environment in our enrichment garden, so the birds are able to freely explore and socialize while under our care and supervision. Many of the surrendered birds in our care find their way here because they struggle to fit in elsewhere, and often come with anti-social behavioral issues, such as aggression and/or self mutilation. These issues make it very difficult to negotiate with them, and anyone who has been around birds knows: everything with a bird is a negotiation. We have found that by keeping a predictable and consistent routine along with granting the birds more autonomy in their day-to-day lives, the birds begin to trust us. Providing a habitat that caters to the individual needs of each of the birds is our primary focus here at Albatross Aviary. We aim to simulate naturally occurring and enriching habitats for the birds. As most of our residents come from equatorial regions, keeping a regulated climate and humidity control, along with a 12 hour cycle using UV and natural light bulbs is vital to creating the most conducive environment that we can.

Understanding that healthy diet is key in our work with the active lives of parrots, to ensure the healthiest and happiest birds. 

We are able to keep up with the demands for a full and healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables from the generous donations like the ones we get from local Aldi's

Albatross Aviary is one man’s personal response to the ongoing crisis of unwanted and mistreated birds. Since 2015, Gairen Tembreull has spent 8-12 hours every day working to relieve the unnecessary suffering and save the lives of these magical creatures. Until the recent influx of surrendered birds due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gairen has been able to maintain the aviary single-handedly. Now, he is running out of the space and energy to do it all himself. Gairen has always believed in the strength of community and now he needs the help and support of other passionate bird lovers in order for this important mission to continue. Show your support for the growing Albatross Aviary community by donating to our emergency relocation fund today!


For more ways to help support our efforts, please check out our what we have in our store 

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