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100% 0f ALL proceeds go to care of the birds

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Help Show your Support! 
... And here is why and how,   we are now offering our Helping Hands series of bird paintings to help raise money for our emergency housing relief fundraiser to ensure we keep a safe and suitable place for these vulnerable creatures to stay and thrive! 

As a professional illustrator, Gairen supplements the income for the expenses of the bird sanctuary and cost of care though his own means of freelance art work and the generous donations from folks like you. In the pursuit of sustainability Gairen Tembreull and Albatross Aviary would like to offer the opportunity to show your support directly on your wall with our collection of bird based art. 100 percent of the proceeds go to keeping the aviary up and going.  Your continued support allows me to create a means to continue to to provide not only the daily care but the ability to expand our operation to accommodate the ever grown population of birds in need of a home. 



"Helping hands" is a small batch series of  digital paintings of birds interacting with hands that were created to jumpstart the website and fundraise as we renovate our new building and create healthy habitats for our resident birds. the money from each item sold will be going directly towards building expenses for the birds. thank you so much for your support!!

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