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Albatross Aviary Volunteer registration and application -  

Already know that you'd like the opportunity to join the Albatross Avairy Volunteer Team!  Apply Today!!

do you have any experience with birds or are you interested in becoming one of our resident bird caretakers and handlers?

Albatross Aviary needs qualified and dedicated individuals who can take on the responsibilities associated with working with and caretaking  

Some options for volunteering may include:


Getting to know the birds and developing a meaningful relationship by helping to maintain and clean their space. This consistency and presence can lead to strong bonds with these gorgeous creatures and provide you with education and training opportunities as well! 


Driving opportunities involve donation pick ups and drop offs between local stores and food banks. Not only does this benefit the aviary but it also helps give back to the community!


Do you have experience in the kitchen or the service industry? Help with food processing / prep helps these beauties to have their dietary needs met!


Are you good at fundraising, event planning, or networking? We sure can use your expertise and help here too!


These are just some of the many ways and skills that would really benefit us at Albatross Aviary! If you want to help in any of these areas, or have other skills that you think would benefit this important cause, we would love to hear from you! Please submit the form and someone will be in contact with you! 


We do not allow public adoptions here at Albatross Aviary, but we do have adoption and foster programs in place for our dedicated volunteers. We understand that some birds raised with people do better when they get the attention that only one-on-one interaction and companionship can provide, so after 6 consecutive months of consistent and reliable volunteering, our volunteers become eligible to adopt or become a foster parent. Because our main criteria for adoption/fostering is the bird choosing their person (and not the other way around!) we cannot guarantee the opportunity will present itself immediately after 6 months, if at all.

For more information on getting involved and becoming a foster or adoption parent please click here ------> 

Albatross Aviary's adoption policy 

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