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Albatross Aviary

Is volunteer Powered and Publicly funded through generous donations like your!

Albatross Aviary is run by one Man who volunteers his time from 6 am every morning to pm every night to ensure that these vulnerable creatures have the special care that they need.  

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Help support your local bird rescue and sanctuary 
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Thank you for Supporting our cause. 

         Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, sponsors and donors, Albatross Aviary is able to provide the specialized and individualized care required for each one of our residents. Albatross Aviary is dedicated to providing the best possible life to each and every one of the extraordinary birds we save and care for every day. Our donors are special. They give from their hearts to help us carry on this mission and truly support Albatross Aviary's work in the community. ​ Albatross Aviary is a nonprofit exotic and companion bird rescue and sanctuary. We depend primarily on the support of our loyal members and generous donors to maintain an excellent quality of life for our birds. Please consider joining this group of passionate supporters in offering a sheltering, nurturing environment for a special group of birds in need.


In order to help as many parrots as possible have the safe and healthy life we believe they deserve, WE NEED YOU – your time, your energy, your financial support to continue our important lifesaving work. ​THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR CAUSE HOWEVER YOU CAN

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Those may include but are not limited to -
(if you have any questions on what we can accept, Please contact us as well)
- Fresh Produce 
- Untreated Wooden Pallets
- Live Plants 
- New and Lightly used Cages
- Large Enrichment and Activity Structures

Help us to continue to Insure
a Forever Home for the Lives of birds in need

Click here for monthly 

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Thank you for supporting us as we establish ourselves in our new facility and community!


Thank you for your support!

Emergancy housing relief fundraiser

Donate your unused childhood development toys that you have laying around 

Here are some fun examples of effective Toys


Bird Transport

looking to find a company vehicle to accompany us in our day to day, if any one knows of any for sale or if there is anyone out there that would be willing to donate or even let us use we would be eternally grateful. 

Our Current Transportation Situation 

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