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Feathered Friends Discovery Program

Albatross Aviary Traveling Educational Program

          The Feathered Friends Discovery Program is an engaging and informative in-school traveling initiative aimed at educating K-12 students about bird anatomy, ecology, and conservation. By bringing live resident ambassador birds from our sanctuary to schools, we aim to instill a love for birds, foster a respect for these incredible creatures, and emphasize the vital role they play in ecosystems worldwide. This program is inspired by the late Steve Irwin's passion for reptiles, aiming to curb the demand for pet birds while advancing avian conservation efforts and youth education.

This program features a 60 minute presentation will provide an introduction to bird diversity and anatomy, environmental adaptation, the role of birds in ecosystems, and provide an opportunity for students to meet the Albatross Aviary's resident ambassador birds. (Please note that to ensure both human and avian safety, no direct contact between birds and students will be permitted)

The Feathered Friends Discovery Program is designed to promote avian conservation, reduce the trade in pet birds, and inspire a new generation of conversations and environmental stewards.

Cost: $1100

(Includes transport, animal caretakers, educational team, and materials.)
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