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Bird Behavior Solutions Counseling

Improving Communication and Support Within the Bird Community

Albatross Aviary recognizes the detrimental impact of toxic shaming within the bird community and is committed to creating a community focused on safety, learning, and support.

The Bird Behavior Solutions Counseling Program seeks to create a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the bird community that provides open and safe communication, a supportive environment allowing community members to learn from their mistakes, and a focus on education and proactive support.

Projects associated with the Bird Behavior Solutions Counseling Program include:

  • Avian Companion Bird Counseling: Providing guidance and support to bird owners facing behavioral issues with their avian companions, this project employs avian behavioral specialists who can engage one-on-one with bird owners to discuss specific challenges, tailor positive behavior modification techniques to the needs of individual birds, and offer follow-up sessions to track progress and make any needed adjustments.

  • Online Community Learning Board and Member Support Group: As a complement to the Avian Companion Bird Counseling project, this support group provides an online environment with discussion forums, a knowledge base, and expert Q&A sessions. Members can initiate discussions, ask questions, share experiences and struggles, and receive support and encouragement in a non-judgemental environment.

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